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Securidesign For Corel Draw X7 71 salvcapa




I've searched the ADL but not sure where to look... thanks for the help. PS - i'm the guy that uses the Securidesign macro for the passwrd to login when opening shortcuts. I've finally given up the search of a direct copy because it's such a pain to make it work when you have any other Securidesign macros open as well as the macro before it...If you still have the Securidesign for PC2K4x you could use the Filter / Isolatedmacro instead of the username one. You can find this option in the bottom left hand corner. Then you can use the this macro to reorder the main shortcut to put the Securidesign macro at the top and ignore the others. I haven't actually used the Securidesign for X8 yet. I still have the X7 version on disk. I have used the X8 one a few times for some shortcuts when there is no alternative. I have checked the ADL and the copy button has been removed and the password is hidden behind an option. You may find you can use the step by step guide for X7 Securidesign for PC2K4x. I'm not certain, but I think it is. I have one of the X8 versions, but I didn't know it was for X8. If I recall correctly, I don't know how to change the password. I'll have to check it out when I have a chance to log back on. Hi g0wz! I actually thought about that, but no. If you take a look in the helpfiles, it says that the password is stored in a hidden group: "Password Group." In the dll, you'll have to open the securidesign_x8.scm file and then the securidesign.scm file. You'll find the password in the "securidesign_preferences" section. Once you have the password, you can change the groups by saving the securidesign.scm file, then logging out and logging back in. PS I was about to download this macro for a X8 pc, but it says it only supports windows 2000. Is that true? You have the securidesign macro for X8 from




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Securidesign For Corel Draw X7 71 salvcapa

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